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Professional Polishing/Lacquering:

We can bring your silver back to life! We can professional polish all your silver items, we have a team of experienced professionals that can polish and restore up you silver like new, come in with your silver and we will surprised you how nice they will look again! and we can lacquer it as well!













F.A.Q about Lacquering.

What is Lacquering?  

In general silver tarnishes, and most people hate polishing silver! So the solution is to lacquer the silver, which contains 2 steps, first we have to polish it up, and then we dip the silver, and that seals the silver so it stays airtight so it won’t get tarnished and you could enjoy your silver looking its best without having to polish it.


What are the benefit of Lacquering?

You will enjoy sparkling silver without the work! it will keep the silver looking like new for years.



Can lacquering be done to any piece of silver?

Yes it could, however we don’t recommend to lacquer any silver piece that comes to contact with food like Kiddush cups etc.

Regarding lacquering candlestick or a candelabra, is important to know that if wax will fall on to a lacquered piece of silver it could ruin the lacquer, the solution to this would be to use a Neronim glass candle holder and a short candle that goes inside see picture below. (Available in many jewish groceries)









Can Lacquering be removed?

Yes it can be removed by any professional silversmith.


Does Lacquering ruin the silver?

No, it’s only outer layer, and it’s fully removable.


How long does lacquering last?

It all depends well you take care of it, how much you touch it/how clean your hands are, etc.. (Just like when you paint a house, there is no set time, it depends on the traffic,) the average time is around 4-5 years, and some say even 10 years.


How long does it take to do?

1-2 weeks, at busy season allow some more time.


Silver repair:

We have a very experience silversmith to handle all your repairs, no job too big or too small.